Boumatic Magnumâ„¢ Turbo Series Liners

The Boumatic Magnum™ Turbo is a revolutionary liner that allows you to balance performance and comfort to make milking your dairy cows easier. This means you have consistent, even milk-out every time.

Turbo Liner

The new shaped liner with BouMatic’s patented mouthpiece results in maximum milkability. The Magnum Turbo 450TL liner hugs the teats, preventing excess stress for a healthier overall udder and happier cow. 


Round shoulder
  • Low mouthpiece vacuum and less mouthpiece congestion.
Transitional shape
  • Hugs the teat rather than pinching them, resulting in more comfort, and fewer squawks and unit kick-offs.
Operates at a wider range of vacuum
  • Allows dairies to achieve conservative and progressive goals for milk harvest.
Tapered barrel
  • For optimal teat massage and faster milk-out which provides more throughput.
Transitional wall thickness
  • Lower placement of the liner touchpoint is ideal for teat placement. A healthy teat end is the first defence against bacteria.
Specially formulated rubber
  • It increases the overall life of the liner to 2,400 milkings.