Boumatic FloSmart Flow Through Meter

The Boumatic FloSmart is a revolutionary flow-through meter with no moving parts. It allows for unrestricted milk flow without sacrificing metering accuracy. 

With its advanced technology, the FloSmart provides precision milk measurement with meter accuracy. Bring the new standard of herd management to your dairy with temperature and conductivity.

No restrictions
  • With BouMatic’s flow-through design, there are no restrictions in the milk flow path; it easily handles high milk-yielding cows.
  • No moving parts or diaphragm to maintain.
  • Milk measurement provides meter accuracy.
Easy to clean
  • With no restrictions or moving parts, the unit is easy to clean and will take fewer chemicals because it does not need to be filled and dumped.
  • Works with the BouMatic shutoff valve range for new or retrofit applications; pairs with TouchPoint™ or ViewPoint™ detacher systems.
Cow health monitoring
  • FloSmart can provide temperature and conductivity data to our SmartDairy®.