Combi Comfort Stalls

Designed for all cows of all sizes

Ensuring the comfort and health of your animals is a priority. The Combi Comfort Stalls provided by Chinook Farm Innovations allow cows and heifers to lie down while positioning themselves to keep the area clean.

As a distributor for De Boer Stalinrichting, a company that has designed and manufactured stall equipment for over 100 years, we can provide you with the best stall equipment.

Free Stalls

Model Comfort-NG for Large Stock

The familiar Spinder Model Comfort-NG suits today's requirements for larger animals. This model provides more space in the front, which is important for when your dairy cows are standing up. The well-known Spinder curl design also ensures cows are properly lying in this cubicle, along with the wave-shaped neck bar model.

For this model, two assembly options are available:

1. Support posts

One support post is placed in each free stall divider. This provides a very solid construction.

2. Horizontal bars

In this option, horizontal bars are attached to the support posts (one for every two cubicles), and the free stall dividers are attached to the horizontal bars. This ensures maximum flexibility in placement, and fewer support posts are required.


Model Comfort-NG for Young Stock

Proper care for your heifers and young animals is important for the future of your herd. Dairy farms working with cubicle systems for all age groups can achieve better results when it comes to animal comfort. Your animals can adapt and develop better with a dry, well-designed stall with comfortable free stall dividers.

  • Always the right dimensions
  • Can be combined with almost any type of matting
  • Width and height are adjustable if horizontal bars are being used
  • Lying freely and unobstructed thanks to the special divider shape


EASYFIX Cow Cubicle

The innovative EASYFIX Cow Cubicle designs allow for unrestricted lunge space which ensures cows can easily manoeuvre within the cubicle spaces.

There are three unique designs of EASYFIX Cow Cubicles:

  • EASYFIX Dream
  • EASYFIX Calm
  • EASYFIX Siesta