Ventilation Equipment

Proper Ventilation for Your Dairy Operation

It is important to keep your dairy cows healthy to ensure your operation remains viable. With proper ventilation, you can provide fresh air, low humidity levels, and even temperatures throughout your barn. This all contributes to your animals’ health.

Particular attention should be paid to conditions within the facility when summer comes around as cows start to experience heat stress at 14°C. In winter conditions, the build-up from animal respiration can affect air quality.

Chinook Farm Innovations provides natural and power ventilation equipment for dairy facilities to deliver optimized air for your cows. We can provide you with new ventilation systems or optimize your existing system. We can offer natural and power ventilation systems for dairy facilities to provide your animals with optimized air. 


Wall Ventilation

  • Panels
  • Airbags
  • Curtains

Fan Ventilation

  • Chimney fans
  • Tunnel fans
  • Cross vent fans
  • Equal pressure fans

Cooling Ventilation

  • ECV (Effective Cooling Velocity) fans
  • Big Air fans (high volume, low speed)

Misting Systems


Flap Duct/Tube Ventilation