Optimize Your Dairy Farm’s Feeding Equipment

While properly feeding your dairy cows is a key component of the productivity of your farm, it can be one of the most time-consuming parts of your job. Whether it is ensuring that each cow in your herd gets the right amount of feed or making sure that they are safely consuming feed, we have feeding equipment that can meet your needs. 

Chinook Farm Innovations offers feeding equipment that will optimize how you feed your dairy cows and how they eat. We can provide you with automated feeders, calf feeding systems, belt feeders and more.

Automated Feeders - Learn More

Automated feeders from Chinook Farm Innovations can help increase the feed intake and, in turn, the milk volume. And as an added benefit, much of the work is done for you.

Belt Feeding - Learn More

Chinook Farm Innovations carries a range of belt and conveyor feeders produced by Valmetal to make feeding your dairy herd easier.

Calf Feeding - Learn More

Ensuring your calves receive the proper rations contributes to their overall health and growth. Keeping your dairy calves healthy is easier with calf feeding equipment from Chinook Farm Innovations.

Quick Pick Feed Blade

Feeding your herd is easier and quicker with the Quick Pick Feed Blade. You can easily pick up this attachment with the bucket of your skid steers. This tool can also be dropped very quickly. You can use the Quick Pick Feed Blade to push feed closer to the cows' feed curb, making it easier for you and your animals.


Tip Troughs

Fresh water is essential for high milk production. Ensure your cows have access to clean water with the Chinook Farm Innovations Stainless Tip Trough. This trough is easy to clean and has a high refill volume, so your cows always have an adequate supply of fresh water. The rounded corners of the Tip Trough prevent livestock from being injured and make cleaning easy. Several sizes and configurations are available. Contact us for more details.

Pingo Drinking Troughs

To produce milk, a cow must also have easy access to water. The Pingo series was developed by taking the cow and farmer’s needs into account, but also with its installation in mind. 

Comfort for the cow 
  • Natural supply of water in a wide trough, large drinking surface.
  • No sharp edges, integrated stainless steel protective bracket on three sides. 
Convenience for the farmer
  • The drinking trough is easy to clean thanks to the sloping bottom, large outlet and handy removable plug.
  • The float is also easy to clean because of the easy-to-remove float cover.
  • No tools needed to remove the float cover.
  • Can be mounted on the wall or the floor.
Convenient to install
  • Float can be mounted in several positions in the drinking troughs.
  • Suitable for water supply from above or below.
  • Comes with everything supplied.
Pingo Models
  • Model 100 (122 cm long) has a capacity of 50 litres and offers drinking facilities for 12 animals.
  • Model 200 (222 cm long) has a capacity of 130 litres and offers drinking facilities for 26 animals.
  • Model 300 (322 cm long) has a capacity of 200 litres and offers drinking facilities for 40 animals.