Properly Ventilate Your Sheep Barn

Moisture can build up from animal respiration, manure and watering troughs in your barns. To remain healthy, your flock requires a dry and draft-free environment. A proper ventilation system can remove excess heat and moisture from your sheep barn. In addition, you can protect your flock from respiratory conditions like pneumonia and dangerous gases like ammonia and hydrogen sulphide. Chinook Farm Innovations can assist in finding the right ventilation system for your sheep facility.


Lambing Barns

Sheep, young ones, in particular, are susceptible to respiratory diseases. There is also a lot of stress on your sheep during the lambing process. As a farmer, you want to create a safe space for your flock to lamb. This space should involve a proper ventilation system. Chinook can help you find a ventilation system that will replace moist, warm air inside the barn with clean, healthy air.


Lactating Barns

The design of your lactating barns, particularly the ventilation, has a considerable influence on your flock’s health, productivity, milk quality, and in turn, on your farm’s profitability. Ensure the sheep you milk are active in an environment that produces clean, healthy air. Chinook’s ventilation systems will create optimal conditions for your sheep flocks within your lactating barn.

Ventilation System Design

Ventilation systems designed by Chinook can lower humidity levels, maintain consistent temperatures, and clean the air; This can protect your sheep from respiratory conditions and other health issues. Find out how Chinook can design a ventilation system for you.

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Ventilation Controls

It's easier to adjust the temperature and humidity in your sheep barn by controlling your ventilation systems with the Phason ventilation controls.

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