Manure Handling & Application is Easier on Your Dairy Farm

Manure handling can be one of the most time-consuming and laborious jobs on a dairy farm. However, creating a clean and healthy space for your herd is necessary. Chinook Farm Innovations can provide efficient and economic systems for handling and recycling manure. 

So whether you require a complete manure system designed for your dairy farm or if you need new manure handling equipment to optimize your existing system, Chinook Farm Innovations can create a custom solution for you.

Explore our full line of manure handling and application equipment and design services.

Manure System Design

Chinook Farm Innovations can assist you with transferring and treating manure in your dairy operation, including actions such as separation, dewatering and drying by designing a custom manure handling system.

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Manure Equipment

Chinook Farm Innovations offers a range of equipment that will provide solutions for any challenges you might face when it comes to different manure handling applications.

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