Optimizing Dairy Herd Management Systems

As dairy herd management equipment and your herd change, it becomes necessary for dairy farmers like yourself to optimize their existing systems. However, replacing your whole system may not be necessary. Chinook Farm Innovations can help provide recommendations on what would make milking and handling your dairy cows easier. Whether you need to optimize your milking, feeding or manure handling processes, we can create a solution customized to your needs and farm. We have helped dozens of dairy farms throughout Canada optimize their systems.

Chinook is also able to optimize your dairy operation based on the Dairy Farmers of Canada’s proAction program.


Some of the on-farm practices required under proAction include:

  • Comfortable and clean housing
  • Top quality feed and water for optimal health and growth
  • Special care for vulnerable animals and careful end of life management
  • Staff training to ensure cattle are handled using calm techniques

So, whether you want to bring your dairy farm into the modern age with automated or robotic equipment or you are looking for conventional equipment that just makes your job easier, we can integrate new equipment into your existing herd management system. 

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