Valmetal Bedding Robot

The Bedding Robot from Valmetal easily adapts to the layout of your barn to efficiently spread bedding over stalls without interrupting your dairy cows' activities. The Bedding Robot is able to spread straw, sawdust, green manure and compost. It can work directly with a screw press and pumps reducing building size, and start up costs, can spread in stalls (single row, and head to head) and packs.

  • Spreads several types of bedding
  • Adjust distance and direction of spreading
  • Controlled remotely

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ASTOR Stable Straw System

The HETWIN ASTOR robot for automatic bedding consists of two parts: the storage container and the ASTOR Strewing Robot.


Storage Container

The storage container holds up to two square bales or three round bales, which can be pre-stored. From there, the bales are automatically broken up from below. Then they are conveyed automatically to the dosing equipment, loosened up, and transported to the strewing robot via the conveyor belt.


The Strewing Robot, suspended from an overhead track, runs silently through the stable strewing the bedding material. It can be programmed to run different routes at set times. While in the parked position, the ASTOR re-charges its batteries.


  • Improved health and hygiene due to the fresh, dry bedding
  • Accommodates various bedding materials such as straw (max 2 inches), sawdust and sand
  • Greater efficiency and less bedding materials waste
  • Substantially reduce manual labour
  • Improved conditions for bedding storage systems
  • Tailor the amount of bedding required
  • Minimal structural stress load due to the low total weight (approx. 551 lbs)