Management Systems

Gain Insight into Your Dairy Herd with Herd Management Systems

With hundreds of dairy cows in your herd, it can be overwhelming to monitor each cow. However, this is important for the overall health and productivity of your herd. Chinook Farm Innovations offers herd management systems that make it easier to track and monitor your individual dairy cows. The Boumatic SmartDairy Controller and RealTime Activity herd management systems can provide you with detailed and valuable information on your herd. 

Find out more about the herd management systems offered by Chinook Farm Innovations.

SmartDairy Controller - Learn More

In the milking parlour, the Boumatic SmartDairy Controller manages pulsation, meters and detachers so you can evaluate cows, milk production and employee efficiency.

RealTime Activity - Learn More

With BouMatic’s RealTime Health Monitoring Solution, you have insight into your cows’ activity, feeding, ruminating, walking and laying down behaviours.