Ensuring that your cows can safely and easily eat is imperative for your farm. The freely moving locking bars of our feeding gates provide cows with a large feeding space and allow them to withdraw their heads in an emergency. 

Chinook Farm Innovations has a wide range of solutions for feed systems, including DeBoer Safety Lockers and custom-made Chinook Farm Innovation Safety Lockers, Angle Feeders and Swing Rails. The feed systems come in a wide variety of widths to accommodate different herds.

Pro-Feed Feedfences


The Pro-Feed Feedfence is designed by Chinook to maximize your cows' comfort while eating. With this type of fencing, the cows can chew and swallow with a natural posture. There is some separation between cows, so lower ranked cows in the herd are protected from the other cows. 

Chinook Lockers


Angle Feeders


PFB Equipment Lockers


Swing Rail


The Swing Rail is an animal-friendly alternative to a fixed feeding tube as the cows can move the rail to reach the feeding area. The cows are more comfortable, and it is less work moving feed.

Maternity Pen Lockers


DeBoer Lockers


Highline Safety Feed Front

Safety feed fronts for large stock

A feed front does much more than just give access to roughage. The Spinder Highline safety feed front gives greater freedom of movement for the cow and ensures a quiet environment during feeding. In addition, these feed fronts focus on the safety of animals and humans, operating comfort, and efficiently providing herd or individual treatments.

The heavy model safety feed front has a locking system that is fully integrated into the upper section. This feed front is constructed of high-quality plastics, resulting in a very light and noiseless system. 

The safety feed front has multiple operations. All feed openings can be opened and closed together or individually; this is an advantage for mechanized feeding techniques. 

A model for heifers and Jerseys

Due to its construction and fixed neck width of 18 cm, this feed front is suitable for feeding heifers and dairy cows of smaller breeds such as Jerseys and Icelandic cows.

  • Robust construction
  • Extra-large feed opening of 42 cm
  • Ear tag friendly
  • Easy operation
  • Height of the feed front 105 cm
  • Special model for heifers and Jerseys
  • Possibility of individual separation