Dairy Barn Ventilation Systems

We understand that your dairy farm has specific needs, whether it is creating a completely new ventilation system or optimizing your existing ventilation equipment. Chinook Farm Innovations provides ventilation equipment and ventilation system design services to find a solution to improve your dairy cows’ health. 

  • Increase fresh air
  • Decrease humidity
  • Consistent temperatures
  • Healthier cows

Our ventilation systems are comprised of high-quality equipment and have been designed to last with minimal maintenance required. Chinook can also provide optimized solutions for your heifer barns or calf barns.


Heifer barns

The comfort of your heifers influences their development and, ultimately, the herd's productivity. Therefore, they require a ventilation system that keeps them healthy and integrates perfectly with your existing infrastructure. We know that every operation has different requirements, which is why we can custom-design ventilation systems that will work specifically for your barn and your heifers.


Calf barns

Calves can be vulnerable to health issues like pneumonia if barns are not properly ventilated. For that reason, we take particular care when designing ventilation systems in calf barns to prevent drafts and uneven temperatures. Our ventilation systems for your calf barn are designed to keep your calves healthy and to help your herd thrive.

Ventilation System Design

To create a custom solution for your dairy herd which improves your barn's air quality and, in turn, your dairy cows' health, Chinook Farm Innovation can design a ventilation system.

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Ventilation Equipment

Ventilation equipment offered by Chinook Farm Innovations are designed and manufactured to efficiently improve the air quality in your dairy barns.

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Ventilation Controls

Simply manage the ventilation systems in your dairy facility with the help of Phason ventilation controls offered by Chinook Farm Innovations.

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