Stabling Solutions for Your Dairy Farm

The stabling system in a dairy barn provides a healthy environment for your cows and heifers, which optimizes lifetime production economically and efficiently. The stabling area should allow for sufficient space in a barn for the cow or heifer to walk properly, eat without stress, and drink fresh water as often as possible.

Chinook Farm Innovations is a distributor for De Boer Stalinrichting from the Netherlands. De Boer is a large company that has been designing and marketing stabling equipment for over 100 years.

We also design and manufacture gates, lockers, calf pens and other products for dairy facilities.


Ensuring the comfort and health of your animals is a priority. The stalls provided by Chinook Farm Innovations allow cows and heifers to properly position themselves.

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Chinook Farm Innovations manufactures a full line of gates that integrate with almost any barn design, including manpasses, bifold and trifold designs. Check out all the gate options offered by Chinook.

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The feeding gates offered by Chinook Farm Innovations can ensure that your cows can safely and easily eat.

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You can keep your calves comfortably contained and safely sheltered with calf pens and hutches offered by Chinook Farm Innovations.

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