Optimized Milking Equipment For Your Dairy Farm

Milking systems are at the core of your dairy farm. They not only help you produce more product but also help care for your herd. An optimized milking system will help you increase your milking abilities, while also saving you time and effort. Chinook Farm Innovations provides custom solutions for farmers that optimize how you milk your dairy cows.  

Chinook is capable of supplying all your farm systems, including milking system, milking products and management systems. So you do not have to jump from company to company to create the right solution for your dairy farm. This includes milking parlours, robotic milking systems, teats cleaners and even more.

Make sure to explore the range of milking systems and equipment on our website or contact Chinook Farm Innovations for more information.

Milking Systems

Whether you have been struggling with farm hand staffing, unreliable milking equipment or a system that does not grow with your changing needs, Chinook Farm Innovations can help find a milking system solution for your dairy farm.

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Milking Products

Chinook Farm Innovations offers a full range of milking products that make the process easier for both you and your dairy cows. 

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Management Systems

No matter the size of your herd, we have automated herd management systems that make tracking and monitoring your individual dairy cows easier.

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