Creating Comfort for Your Cows

Ensuring the comfort and health of your animals is a priority. Keeping your cows comfortable increases your profits as content dairy cows also produce more milk. Implementing products and equipment that improve your cow’s comfort will help prevent injuries and keep your herd’s space cleaner. Chinook Farm Innovations has a range of products to keep your herd comfortable, including bedding robots, mattresses and brushes.

Bedding Robots

The bedding robots offered by Chinook Farm Innovations easily spread bedding over stalls without interrupting your dairy cows' activities to create a comfortable space.

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Using mattresses in your stabling system is an efficient and economical way to increase your herd’s comfort and production. Explore the mattresses offered by Chinook Farm Innovations.

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Cow Brushes

Cow brushes can improve your cow’s health, well-being and productivity. Check out the cow brushes offered by Chinook Farm Innovations and how they can optimize your cows' comfort.

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