Power Up Your Dairy Operation

In the milking parlour, the Boumatic SmartDairy Controller manages pulsation, meters and detachers so you can evaluate cows, milk production and employee efficiency. 

For efficient cow flow, SmartDairy controls crowd gates, stall operation and all entrance, exit and sort gates. Outside the parlour, SmartDairy manages milk flow through the receivers and cooling system for maximum cooling efficiency. Cow health and comfort are managed through specialized hoof care and feeding systems.

  • Expand on feeding, activity, parlour performance, maintenance and other modules.
Parlour Performance
  • SmartDairy’s parlour performance will give you all the information and tools to increase productivity.
Herd Management Integrated 
  • A comprehensive herd management tool comes standard.
Remote Support
  • Technical support is available to connect to your SmartDairy.
Preventative Diagnostics
  • SmartDairy will give you feedback based on key indicators, allowing you to act before problems arise.
Windows Based
  • Plug and play principle, ease of installation and usage, and compatibility with the future.