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Alma Pro Feeder

Ensuring your calves receive the proper rations contributes to their overall health and growth. Keeping your dairy calves healthy is easier with the Urban Alma Pro Feeder. This system enables you and your team to have individual control over each animal. You can track when each calf ate, their health status and even the temperature of the milk. The Urban Alma Pro transforms common day-to-day challenges into one convenient work step.

Pro Feeder


The MilkShuttle from Urban, offered through Chinook Farm Innovations, is a mobile liquid calf feed mixer that fits any terrain and shortens the feeding process. The MilkShuttle is available in different tank capacities and with an automatically driven chassis. 

The two-stage agitator ensures you can use the MilkShuttle to feed both whole milk and milk replacements. As well, the integrated, semi-automatic rinsing program assists with cleaning the system.

Chinook also has MilkShuttles available that have a pasteurization option.


CalfExpert Automatic Calf Feeders

The CalfExpert automatic feeders from Holm & Laue are robust, easy to use and, with their individual mixing and hygienic milk preparation, always ensure healthy and strong calves.

The CalfExpert is smarter, faster and has more functions that make your work easier and ensure optimal feeding of your calves.

You will always have the important information at hand: on the machine, the HygieneStation or your mobile phone. 

Milk preparation and automatic cleaning are faster. In combination with the DoubleJug milk cooling tank, the CalfExpert controls its functions independently, including cleaning all lines and containers. As well, you will find that whole milk feeding is just as convenient as feeding milk replacer (MAT).

Operating the CalfExpert with the SmartKeys and the 7 ″ display, means you won’t have to worry about using a touch screen with dirty fingers, gloves or in the winter.




Feed individually

Feeding many calves with a fresh mix and adapting to individual calves is no longer a challenge.

Always freshly mixed

With the CalfExpert, the milk is freshly mixed for each calf. Any milk residue is kept warm and rinsed out of the system during longer breaks. Other automatic feeders work with a central milk supply. As well, the CalfExpert guarantees a hygienic system and animal-specific feeding.


Modern feed programs (e.g. metabolic programming) that operate with a central milk supply require a higher MAT concentration (e.g. 160 g / l) at the beginning of rearing to give a performance boost. In the soaking phase, however, a lower concentration is necessary (130 g / l). This animal-specific feeding is only feasible if it is mixed individually for each calf, as with the CalfExpert!

"QuickChange" logic for more performance

With the new CalfExpert, the mixing process and changing calves are faster. The quick mixing ensures that the milk is at the station after only 3 seconds. After the last mix, they immediately switch to the second station and feed another calf. The use of hygiene stations is also optimized. 

In addition, you can set priorities in the menu of the Calf Expert to focus on young or sick calves. The lead time program also ensures that the calves' meals are distributed evenly throughout the day without any crowds at the wards. This reduces waiting times when there are many animals and ensures a positive "visitor experience" for the calves.

Calm and trusting calves

Since the CalfExpert has no fixed feeding times, your calves can call up milk at any time. Your staff are no longer seen as wet nurses, so the calves remain calm when people enter the calf stable. Younger and weaker calves have enough time to get their milk. And the predatory milk valve prevents the milk from being robbed by stronger calves.

Soaking process

The CalfExpert prepares your calves gently for the intake of concentrate and roughage. It reduces the amount of water at the end of rearing in small increments of 0.2L per day. This process stimulates the development of the forestomach system.

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