Boumatic HiFlo™ Evolution Pulsator

The Boumatic HiFlo™ Evolution is a revolutionary pulsator in terms of simplicity, durability and consistency. It is a key component in optimizing how your dairy farm milks. The HiFlo Evolution is designed to save you time and money while delivering perfect and reliable pulsation.

The HiFlo™ Evolution is the ultimate in durability and simplicity. This pulsator is made up of only eight different parts. It is easy to install and easy to clean. 

Durability, reliability and easy maintenance are only the beginning of what the HiFlo™ Evolution can offer.

Unique patented design
  • Built for efficiency and offers reliable operation and complete milking.
Highest quality components and materials
  • For a high level of durability and ruggedness.
Straightforward installation
  • No stallcock is needed. Easily connects and disconnects to the vacuum line.
Easy maintenance
  • Minimal parts and the simple design make it easy to maintain. You also don’t need tools to take apart and reassemble the HiFlo™.
Wiring harnesses
  • The wiring harness improves installation and eliminates potential wiring errors.
Fully encapsulated solenoid coil
  • Electrical contacts are protected and watertight.