Sanicleanse Teat Scrubber

Your dairy farm can implement Boumatic’s award-winning teat scrubber, the Sanicleanse, to improve the health of your herd, speed up milking times and improve stimulation of the cow. The teat scrubber system ensures you can carry out a one-visit prep. This means your dairy cows’ udders are washed, sanitized, stimulated and dried in one process - saving you time and money.


Perfect parlour preparation takes just 10 seconds per cow – here’s how:


1. Improved Teat Condition and Cow Health

Using the correct chemical in the system leads to healthier cows and softer teats. This process reduces somatic cell count and mastitis cases.

2. Consistent Cleaning

Each cow is prepared with the same care, as the milking routine is identical for every cow.

3. Time Saving

You can milk more cows per hour because of the stimulation provided by the teat scrubber. The bottom brush accommodates all teat lengths, including shorter heifer teats. The short prep required because of the teat scrubber means you can significantly speed up the pre-milking routine.

4. Cost Saving

By eliminating alternative pre-milking prep, there are cost savings on paper towels, medicated wipes, laundry towels, etc.

5. Less Cross Contamination

Chinook Farm Innovations can install the brush flush system alongside the equipment, injecting a small adjustable amount of peracetic acid (5% onto the brush) alongside the Sanicleanse sanitizer to aid in controlling bacteria and cross contamination.

6. Superior Stimulation 

With the brushes rotating at the optimum speed and with the aid of warm water, the stimulation of the cow is increased.

7. Operator’s Hands Stay Clean

Your hands are kept clean as you don’t have to worry about materials used in alternative pre-milking prep.