Boumatic Flo Star Max Claw

The Boumatic Flo-Star Max Claw is the gold standard in every way that matters.

  • Performance
  • Capacity
  • Durability
  • Weight reduction
  • Milkability
  • For your 24/7 parlour operation
Weighs only 12.5 oz
  • Reduces operator fatigue during long milking shifts.
Patented X-crossed inlet design
  • Empties fast, providing higher average vacuum stability.
Inlet design with narrow profile
  • Improved cow fit; fits wide, narrow, short or long udders and uneven teat placement.
Internal holding capacity over 11.5 oz
  • Even the highest producing cow cannot flood the Flo-Star Max.
Engineered resin construction handles 7,200 lbs of direct pressure
  • Stronger than stainless steel claws. Guaranteed not to break for 2 years.
Unique hooded outlet sump
  • Top-unloading action from bottom unloading claw. This design lessens the chance of back jetting.