Green Manure System

EYS Screw Press

The EYS Screw Press combines established technology with dairy industry knowledge to produce the most effective screw press on the market today. EYS has a variety of separators to choose from, depending on your goals. Whatever your needs, the EYS separators can get the job done.

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EYS Model SP600HD


EYS Model SP800HD


Sloped Screen Separators

The Valmetal Sloped Screen Separators are the first step in any waste water processing application on your dairy farm. However, Valmetal's waste water and manure screen separator are not only useful at dairies, they perform in a variety of situations and waste materials. This equipment allows for bulk wastewater feed volumes of up to 1200 GPM to be reduced by up to three to four times. Separator screens come in several sizes ranging from 5' X 6' to 8' X 12'. 

  • Vibrator  option
  • Auto Wash option


Valmetal Xtra Press

The Xtra Press from Valmetal allows you to make bedding from manure. This means you can save on costs,  eliminates the need to stockpile bedding, and have less manure to store and spread compared to purchased bedding.

  • All stainless steel body
  • Reliable cyclomotor gearbox drive
  • Stainless steel high-precision 4-piece screen
  • Easy and economical to service