Bedding Master

Along with DariTech, Chinook Farm Innovations is proud to introduce the Bedding Master. This bedding recovery system is designed to eliminate sawdust and shavings, and you can utilize recycled manure as bedding for your cows instead. You will even be able to make the switch at a cost far lower than what has been available in similar systems.

The Bedding Master is built with excellent workmanship to ensure outstanding performance for years to come, making it unsurpassed in the dairy industry. Call us for more information to start saving on bedding now!  

For more information, see DariTech’s Bedding Master.

Bedding Master

Bedding Master 6-16

  • Beds up to 600 cows

Bedding Master 6-32

  • Beds up to 1,200 cows

Bedding Master 8-40

  • Beds over 3,000 cows