Stallboy Light Push Feeder

The compact Stallboy Light Feed Pusher is specially geared to medium-sized and smaller feeding tables. This feed pusher has a simpler design and still features a number of the time-proven core functions of the Stallboy Feeder. 

The fresh-feed software automatically routes the Stallboy Light 2 inches closer to the feed boxes every 2 hours, keeping fresh feed always within reach. Lower-ranking sheep will also get fresh feed. As a result, there is a higher intake of food which has a positive on costs.


Stallboy Feed

Stallboy Light

Fresh Feed Software

Driven Drum


Suitable for hay, silage & greenfeed

Optional enticement feedbox



2 x 115 Ah

2 x 80 Ah


620 kg (1367 lbs)

470 kg (1036 lbs)

Magnetic orientation marks