Stallboy Push Feeder

The HETWIN Stallboy Feed Pusher is an innovative solution which ensures that fresh feed is available in the feed boxes at any time. Due to shorter breaks in feeding, the feed intake is increased. 

  • The Fresh Feed software adjusts the Stallboy automatically by 5cm closer to the feed boxes every 2 hours. This way, fresh feed is always within reach.
  • Strong conveyance due to an individually driven conveyance drum. The necessity to warm the feed is reduced.
  • Suitable for hay, silage and green feed.
  • Small amounts of enticement feed (concentrates, minerals or other types of feed) can be strewn over the basic feed mixture.
  • Lower ranking sheep also get fresh feed.
  • Enormous work reduction - carries out up to ten conveyances daily.
  • Energy saving due to 24-volt drive.
  • Light construction, no tracks, simple to install.