Boumatic XCALIBUR 360EX

A Rugged and Powerful External Rotary Milking System

It is quicker and easier to milk your dairy cows with the Boumatic Xcalibur 360EX, a rotary milking system. The Xcalibur 360EX has been designed for continuous, around-the-clock milking. This rotary milking parlour system was also engineered to deliver unrivalled throughput and maximum efficiency for your dairy operation.

Its drive system, central pivot and swivel, nylon rollers and double I-beam drive rail are the most durable and reliable in the industry. 

Designed for Improved Cow Comfort
  • Smooth operation and easy cow loading and unloading are hallmarks of BouMatic’s Xcalibur 360EX rotary milking system.
Faster Installation
  • Concrete work is made easier with no exposed system supports. This provides a significant reduction in the time needed for installation.
Improved Operator Efficiencies
  • After milking, the units detach, and hoses and pulsation tubes descend to rest below the platform - out of the way of exiting and entering cows.
Steel I-Beam Roller Platform 
  • The massive double I-beam, circular rail system, and nylon rollers support the Xcalibur 360EX platform. Extremely durable nylon rollers require no lubrication.
Integrated System Console
  • Each stall has an integrated system console to house automation components and pulsators and provides easy access to CIP jetter cups.
Rugged, Efficient & Safe
  • The Xcalibur 360EX platforms are designed to position cows safely on the platform. As well, the super strong radial arms link the platform to the center pivot creating a safe operation that is easy on your cows. 
Return on Investment
  • Through increased cow comfort, operator efficiencies, improved equipment performance, and long-lasting construction, the Xcalibur 360EX provides dairy operators with unrivalled return on investment.