Boumatic Gemini Double Box Milking Robot


The Boumatic Gemini Double Box Milking Robot allows you to benefit from the best milking quality combined in an automated milking system milking two cows simultaneously without doubling the investment or footprint.

The Gemini Double Box is a compact milking robot equipped with two stalls, side-by-side. It has a well-organized technical area and one robot arm.


Proven BouMatic equipment, like vacuums, pulsation, and balancing technology creates the very best practices in milking. This integrated equipment can be applied to all farm types, whether it is a small family farm or a huge industrial farm, and everything in between.


Individual quarter measurement

The milk from each teat is screened and analyzed. This data is displayed on all mobile devices, providing useful insights into milk quality and cow health. This enhanced communication leads to better follow-up and herd health management.


Milking From Behind

BouMatic has pioneered a system that attaches the milking equipment from between the cow's back legs, creating a milking experience that is similar to that of a side-by-side parlour. This system provides direct benefits when it comes to milking, animal welfare and protecting the system. In the Gemini, your cows are relaxed, comfortable and free from the visual distraction of arm movement.

From a safe and convenient position, you can manually milk or treat cows. The robust stainless steel system and the rear-milking approach minimize the cow’s ability to kick or step on vital machine components.


Optimal udder preparation, cow focus

Before milking, each teat is individually prepared for milking using a separate liner in a dedicated pre-treatment cup. The entire pre-milking process is optimally sequenced for teat cleaning, teat-stimulation, pre-milking and maximum oxytocin production. Then the milking cups are attached, and milking begins. The whole preparation process lasts 60 to 90 seconds, which is also the time a cow needs to have a good oxytocin release and a good milk let-down.

Through the open frame of the Gemini BouMatic Milking robot, the cow also has an unobstructed view and therefore feels like she is still among the herd. This experience is enhanced in a double box system where cows stand freely but are still beside each other while milking in the Gemini box.

Built on BouMatic’s Experience

BouMatic offers vacuum and pulsation equipment and utilizes technology with the very best practices in milking. The Double Box milking robot can be used on a wide range of dairy farms.

Dualfit: Fetch Two Cups at Once
  • The BouMatic milking robots are equipped with a unique dual attachment functionality; a mechanical head that allows the robot arm to fetch two cups at once. Reducing arm movement can increase the cow throughput and maximize box performance.
Boumatic Advanced Interface - Compatible with Smartphones & Computers
  • The software technology in the BouMatic Robotics system is extremely user-friendly. A wealth of information and functions is available to make herd management decisions. The robot’s software and the user interface are known as the BRI (BouMatic Robotic Interface). The latest version allows you to troubleshoot issues
  • You have multiple ways to access and manage information: smartphone, tablet, desktop computer and via a multi-functional touchscreen. 
Time-of-Flight Camera: Determine Exact Position of Individual Teats
  • The camera’s time-of-flight technology can determine the exact position of the teats. As it approaches, it conducts a 3D analysis of the teats, identifying the location more accurately. The waterproof stainless-steel 3D camera has a flat surface for easy cleaning.
Teat Teach Screen: Robot Adapts to Particular Cow Teats
  • The Teat Teach Screen camera brings up the image of the udder onto the screen. You can simply touch the teat ends on the image to “teach” the camera where the teats are for that particular cow. This can be done for cows that have difficult teat placement. The robot will then remember the location of the teats when that cow enters the box again.
Upgrade Through Equipment and Software
  • It is easy to upgrade the BouMatic milking unit’s equipment and software. 
User-Friendly, Easy to Operate
  • BouMatic’s complete robot is easy to operate. You can easily hand over the management to another trained operator. Almost anyone can be trained to operate the robot and take over when needed.
SC Gaurd Milk Monitoring Instrument
  • A new option with the Gemini milking robots is our SC-Guard. The SC-Gaurd is a milk monitoring instrument for Somatic Cell Count (SCC). You can now monitor your cow’s health. The instrument automatically takes a milk sample, which is analyzed for sub-clinical mastitis based on the SCC in the earliest stages. You can intervene quickly and monitor the trend and variation in the SCC. Early detection of sub-clinical mastitis followed by appropriate treatment reduces the risk of contamination. Chances of recovery are increased, and loss of milk yield is reduced. Animal health and cost savings are secured.
Realtime Health Monitoring & GPS Localization
  • The BouMatic RealTime Activity is a powerful device in your hands, which you can use to locate and monitor your cows in real time. You will now know at all times where your cows are.
  • With the eating time and rumination functionality, you can give your cows the individual attention they deserve. The BouMatic neck tag provides extremely accurate heat detection with health monitoring. You have individual data on each animal in real time. 
  • Coupled with the BouMatic HerdMetrix™ phone app, the data is accessible anywhere, so you have a constant stream of data. You can identify cows with health problems sooner and treat them accordingly. As well, accurate insemination rates will quickly offer a return on investment.
  • BouMatic RealTime is fully customizable for a range of alerts and sensitivities.